Kitchen Benchtops, Granite & Caesarstone. Kelloway's Kitchens, Caringbah Sydney.

Kitchen Benchtops

Granite Kitchen Benchtops |

Comes in a range of different colours, every piece of granite is unique.

CaesarStone Kitchen Benchtops | |

What is CaesarStone ?

CaesarStone is an engineered quartz-based surface, manufactured through a highly advanced process. CaesarStone's unique characteristics such as strength, hardness and flexibility make the material more suitable than any other solid surface or natural stone for a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. CaesarStone is the material of choice for the top architects and designers in the building industry. While CaesarStone is harder than most natural stone, it is also four times more flexible. This makes the product much easier to handle during fabrication, cutting and transportation. See the comparison to natural stone and other engineered stone in Physical Properties.

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